The Best Singles of 2013

Why would anyone want to spend their nights and weekends obsessing over ranking the best singles of the year? Well, I actually live for obsessing! And I’ve always been a sucker for lists. But more than anything, I saw it as a chance to take a trip down Musical Memory Lane. Not a bad year, all in all. And I’ve been experiencing it (again) for the past month or so as I made my selections. Now you can come along and join me…

 Generally, I stayed away from Top 40, figuring you don’t need me to choose between a Katy Perry track and a Drake one, though I was, at times, definitely a sucker for both. Anyway, Top 40 – by it’s very name – comes with a ranking already attached. Instead, I focused on the year’s best “Not Top 40”. By no means indie, mostly, the list is filled with bands you’ve likely heard of – but, mostly, they haven’t reached universal acclaim (or, at least, popularity)…yet. 

This year, I’ve done my best to include a link to each song where you can sample it and purchase on iTunes. 

Songs 50-100 coming soon!



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